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My name is Ryan Dibala. I am the founder of Birding Man Adventures and Lead Guide. My passion is connecting people to nature in new ways while promoting and funding conservation initiatives.

This blog is a continuation of my personal nature journal, one I started back in 2007 as I began a career working as a wildlife biologist. Over the years, I have enjoyed documenting my many discoveries through this medium and learning through the process. This blog will continue to highlight my personal adventures, such as my quest to visit all of America's National Parks with my wife Angie, pictured here with me in Panama.

Moving forward, this blog will provide a platform to highlight many of the discoveries made on BMA trips. Along the way, we'll also bring attention to important conservation issues, discuss what BMA is doing to address those issues, and learn about important actions we all can take to help wildlife.

I look forward to interacting with many new people - both online and in the field - and joining forces to preserve and restore biodiversity on this planet. Together we can make a difference and do our part to leave behind a healthy, thriving planet for generations to come.

Happy trails,


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