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Birding Man Adventures offers unforgettable naturalist-guided excursions to get you one step closer to finding your favorite Colorado wildlife. Bighorn Sheep? Elk? Moose? White-tailed Ptarmigan? Rosy Finch? American Dipper? Whatever it is you might be looking for, we will maximize your opportunities to find it.

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Set out into the Colorado wilds in the spirit of adventure and enjoy searching for your target species. You can expect first-class service and personal attention throughout your tour, complemented by engaging presentation of science-based information.

State of Colorado Parks
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

At Birding Man Adventures, we whole-heartedly believe that it is our duty to protect natural resources for future generations of both humans and wildlife. Our mission is to intimately connect people to nature in a way that inspires them to support local and global conservation efforts for a lifetime. 

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Birding near me

Our personalized approach to nature guiding creates a comfortable and relaxed environment for sharing and learning. Averaging only four guests per tour, each outing provides first class service and customized personal attention that is unrivaled in the industry.     

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Find Your Wild as Birding Man takes you to locations that will maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities. Along the way, learn about Colorado history, geography, ecology, flora and fauna. We offer master classes for birding and photography.  Want to improve your raptor identification skills? Waterfowl? What about sparrows? Return home a better birder. Come back with a rediscovered connection to nature.

Safety and Security

At Birding Man Adventures, safety and security is our top priority. In addition to doing all we can to keep you safe while you are on tour with us, we carry a $1 M general liability insurance as well as a $1.5 M commercial auto liability insurance. 

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