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Colorado is an exceptional place to observe wildlife, particularly wild birds. Home to more than 500 species of birds, the Centennial State ranks among the ten most species-rich states in the country! Anyone interested in seeing most of North America's birds is invited to take advantage of the opportunity to partake of Colorado's long list of endemic and near-endemic species.

Sadly, North American bird populations have declined by nearly 30% since 1970. That's a loss of nearly 3 billion birds over the last 50 years! In Colorado, the impacts of climate change and habitat loss are presenting themselves in myriad ways. As long-lasting droughts and frequent wildfires sweep across the Rockies, commercial agriculture and pesticide use erode the eastern prairies. There is no time like the present to act in the best interest of birds. 

bird watch
Steller's Jay

Our Commitment

 Birding Man has a deep-seated passion for linking nature tourism to meaningful conservation initiatives that help to protect wildlife habitat. We pledge to commit a minimum of 5% of our net profit to wildlife conservation. We do this by making regular contributions to environmental nonprofits, purchasing Duck and Habitat Stamps, and supporting private landowners who are effectively managing wildlife habitat on their properties. Note that each of our tours supports wildlife conservation in its own unique way.

We also have forged long-lasting partnerships with environmental nonprofits.  

Colorado birds

Our Vision

Birding Man fosters a culture of inclusivity and invites people of all backgrounds and skill-levels to partake in our adventures. We use our resources in a way that aims to promote wildlife friendly land use. We are taking steps to offset our carbon emissions and become known as one of the most environmentally responsible              companies in the industry.           

Trumpeter Swan
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